AMol Chapters 30 to 32

I've got a surprise for you. I've written up a summary of three chapters in A Memory of Light. Bet you never saw that coming. Well, you might have had some clue, as I've done a few others.

AMoL Chapter 28 and 29

On the count of three, everyone cheer. One, two, three, Yeah! Because Mat is bloody awesome. Here I'm going to be talking about chapters 28 and 29 of AMoL, the fourteenth and final book of the Wheel of Time. I've lots of other posts on other chapters.

AMol Chapters 24 to 27

You may have twigged that I'm starting to enjoy reading this book more than I'm enjoying writing about it. Which is why I'm doing four chapters in one post. As has been the case in all the other entries, there is a very good chance that I'll include spoilers for people that haven't read the rest of the series. So don't read on if you haven't read all the other published books in the Wheel of Time series.
What Happens
Tuon renames Mat to Knotai, and pronounces he is Rodholder in their armies, so he's third after Tuon and Galgan. They get word that Egwene's army is in retreat, Mat says they have to go now. Tuon considers breaking the treaty, but consents to move to support Egwene. Lan keeps fighting, though they are still losing. Elayne gives a speech to her army, extorting them to defeat the northern Trolloc army. She goes to fight with her army. Rodel Ituralde watches his army start fighting, to keep Trollocs from the Thakan'dar valley. 

AMol Chapter 23

This chapter is not the begining, but it is a beginning. The beginning of Rand's attack on the Dark One. Read on for the rest of my thoughts on this chapter, but be warned, there be spoilers ahead.

AMoL Chapters 21 and 22

Another double up entry, this time talking about chapters 21 and 22 of AMoL. But you already knew that, didn't you, seeing as that is what the posts title says.

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