AMoL Chapter 20

Bad news everyone, in this chapter of the book. Previous chapters are listed here. This will have spoilers, as ever, don't read this if you haven't already read all of WoT.
What Happens
Egwene attacks and several other Aes Sedai attack a hilltop, claiming it from the Trollocs. This forces them down into the valley where the heavy cavalry attack them. The Trollocs advance on their hilltop so they retreat. Gawyn observes that the Myrddraal are forcing the Trollocs quite hard to maintain their current position. But that is strange, the position isn't worth that much to them. Egwene recognises something is wrong, and Gawyn runs to warn the command tent. But it's to late. A gateway as wide as the camp opens, and an army stands on the other side, with hundreds of women. Lelaine recognizes them as the Sharans. The Sharans attack the camp, and target anyone who channels. They destroy the command tent when Bryne uses a gateway to send messages to withdraw the army, it's likely that Bryne, Siun and Yukiri died. Gawyn and Egwene hide under his warders cloak.

AMol Chapter 19

Eh? What is that you say? Well it's a blog post about the 19th chapter of the AMoL. I'm going to be discussing things, which will spoil the plot for you if you haven't read the rest of the WoT series. So don't do that, just go read all the books, and then come back here.

AMoL Chapters 17 and 18

I know, you're wondering what's going on. Two chapters? What is he playing at? It's true. I've not been able to contain myself, and I've read two chapters this time before stopping to summarise. I hope you can bear with me. Now, just so you know, there is a good chance this post will have spoilers for the entire WoT series, but you already knew that didn't you? Index is here.
What Happens in Chapter 17
Mat wakes up after his night in the garden with Tuon. The a Deathwatch guard announces they have caught another assassin. Tuon calls for him to be brought forward. Mat is taken by surprise when it turns out to be Rand. As soon as Tuon recognizes him she urgently calls for damane. Rand reveals he followed Mat here, Tuon immediately feels betrayed. The damane arrive and shield Rand and seize Mat with air. Mat realises that Tuon has his medallion (that protects him from channelling). Tuon says Rand will be taken to Seanchan. Rand points out (elaborately) that he is Lewis Therin, and he has a better claim over this land than the descendants of Artur Hawking. He exerts his influence and turns the grass green, and the trees to blosom. Tuon denies his claim, as he broke the land and abandoned it. Rand goes to one knee, extending his hand, offering an alliance. Mat speaks to Tuon softly, vouching for Rand. Tuon asks what the offer is, and learns the terms that Rand is willing to extend. Tuon comes around to agreement, but they get stuck on the issue of the women channelars they have captured. They reach agreement, but the Seanchan keep the damane they have already captured.

AMoL Chapter 16

This is WoT at it's finest, where we get to hear the implacable roar of the Ogier, for once raised, they are like the tide coming in. Ahh, the shivers as I read this.

AMoL Chapter 15

Ahh, poor Mat. In this review of Chapter 15 of AMoL we see just how smitten he is. If you're not already a fan of WoT, move on. I'll be posting spoilers about the whole series, and it would be much better if you just read the whole thing for yourself.

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