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Farewell Eric

Last week a friend of ours, Eric Tetlow, passed away. He was a great mate of my Dad, and a man who was always interested in how my brothers and I were. I remember going to Erics place in Bundoora when we were young, for long dinners, and lunches. Eric was partially responsible for a number of my firsts. I was first exposed to computers at his place, as he had an Atari, or Commodore 64 or something. A highlight of visiting his place was getting to play donkey kong on it.

the other ASD

Parents for a day

Today we minded Jade (who is 5), Sky (who is 4) and Axel (who is 3 months). We had them for 8 hours. We took them to the Childrens Farm in Collingwood. Jade and Sky were very patient waiting in line to have a ride on a horse. Especially when it started raining. They made good friends with Chloe and her mum Naomi, who had shown us how to get to the farm.

second class digizens

I helped Andrea find some song lyrics today while we were out today. It was nice that with my iPhone I was able to do that.

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