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Leaving japan all went smoothly, thank goodness

Day 3 of snowboarding at Shiga Kogen

Another sunner sonny day on the slopes of the Shiga Kogen slopes. Today I wanted to go and explore the area that I'd been shown yesterday. I made my way all the way over to Sun Valley, which is the furthest part of the resort that you can reach without catching a bus. I got a little stuck when finding my way back, and ended up plowing through some snow and walking up a run. It turns out that if I'd taken a rope toe (which I had seen, and ignored), I would have been fine to get back.

My second day of snowboarding was also excellent

My second day of snowboarding was also excellent. I met up with a bunch of aussies I chatted to on the night I arrived. This worked out really well, as they had worked out what bus to catch to get to the ski fields at the far end. So we went up Mount Shibotage, the highest mountain in the Shiga Kogen area. It was pretty good. There were quite a few areas that were skiing only, but I still had a good time.

Shiga Kogen snow rocks

Made it Shiga Kogen

I've made it all the way to my hotel in Japan. Unfortunately the bus from Nagano up

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