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managing lights and HVAC

Marc Merlin controls his house lights and air conditioning with his computer, and he wanted to tell us about it. He wanted to teach his cat some manners. The cat knows it isn't allowed on the kitchen coutner, but also knows he won't get caught at night. So one way is to have a blender on your kitchen counter triggered by a motion sensor. But a motion sensor isn't targetted enough, it could trip at the wrong time. So another way is to use some motion detection from a web camera. 

lightweight messaging

Andy Piper has been working in the UK for IBM over the last 10 years. He mentioned how the world is getting more interconnected. IBM's future of a smarter world is geting more interconnection, with lots of sensors, and 'intelligence'.

7 habits of highy ineffective project managers

Liberating information from foswiki

Paul Harvey got in his turqoise coloured polo shirt, and white shorts, ready to tell us all about some cool stuff he was doing with foswiki. But as the keynote had gone overtime, we had to wait a little until before people came down from morning tea.

Mark Pesce Friday morning keynote

Marks on, and @mpesce on Twitter. His title is 'Smoke Signals'. He's involved in VRML, and doing other 3D stuff at various universities. He's been a regular judge on ABC Inventors, on Triple J and on ABC TV. He's entire talk is all CC, and rated PG-13.

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