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extracting requirements from flame wars

Paul McKenney said he'd been happily ignoring the flame wars about the android platform on the linux kernel mailing lists. He described a parallel of blind penguins building an enclosure for an elephant. Sometimes the blind penguins talk, and achieve concensus, and come up with a good solution.

perl best practices

Jacinta Richardson first referred to Damin Conways 2005 book. The obvious things she said was use warnings, use strict. Have a coding standard. 

bat phone

The Serval Batphone is what Paul Gardner-Stephen is talking about. The bat phone is part of the serval project. The gensis for this project was the Haiti earthquake, which was approximately a year ago. He talked also about other areas where installing cellular infrastructure is economically unviable, and difficult.

Eric Allmans keynote

Eric was the creator of sendmail. He started off with a review of the history of sendmail. Sendmail is an old program, that has survived well, in a very changing well, with no initial commercial support. It got kicked of in 1980 at U.C. Berkeley. Eric was meant to be working on RDBMS. Back when it started CPUS were 8 or16 bit running at less than 1 MIPS. Disks were much less than 1 GByte. Network was less than 56 Kbps.

latest and coolest html5 media

This is a talk by Silvia Pfeiffer. She was introduced as an internationally renowned expert on web video. Looks like she has written at least one book (as she's giving one copy away).

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