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Lennart Poettering talked about systemd, which is a replacement for the sys-v init.d scripts (which start software on Linux computers when you boot up). systemd is a system and session manager for Linux. It looks after login sessions. systemd is compatible with sysV and LSB init scripts. It can use paralleilzation of service starts up. It uses socket and D-Bus actifavation for starting services. Can do on-demand starting of daemons. Uses CGroups to track processes. Can snapshot and restore system state. Maintains mount and automount points. Can look after services considering dependancies, and does transactions. (All of that is a re-phrasing of the short description they provide on their website).


Jeff Waugh talking about node.js. node.js is not a javascript file. Node is a javascript environment. You can get a command line when you just run ig, much like python. The mission for javascript is meant to be interesting.

scaling programs

Theodore Ts'o began saying how we used to write code so it could scale up to a lot of CPUs, and then we stopped worrying about it. Back in 2001 the linux kernel started having SMP, so support for multiple CPUs. Used to have computers with a lot of sockets for a lot of CPUs, and those systems were very expensive.

Behaviour Driven Infrastructure

Lindsay Holmwood is talking about how to add behavioural driven development to infrastructure. He described test driven development. Starting with unit tests. Behaviour driven development is a reaction to thos tests, like can a user perform a particular task. So it's more system level tests. So it's more about testing the business needs, verifying functional requirements. The business doesn't care so much about how the solution is implemented.

LCA2011 Wednesday morning keynote

Geoff Huston is here for this mornings keynote. But first Someone (didn't get their name) got up to show a video of a balloon launch. It was cute. Had a penguin in the middle of the screen, and the baloon went a long way up. Apparently it was related to the fund raising for the queensland floods somehow. Oh, they have a high res photo that they are going to auction off on Thursday to raise money.

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