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lightning sysadmin miniconfs

Alistair talked about password security with samba and pam.  He installed libpam-samba. This allows samba client machines to do password changes. For password verification you can use sambas policies, but they default to only requiring 5 characters. Basically he just wanted to annouce he's going to file a bug report in debian. Yipeey.

DNSSEC at Mozilla

Shyam Mani spoke about implementing DNSSEC. He was involved in implementing DNSSEC at Mozilla. DNSSEC is a bunch of changes to make sure the DNS information hasn't been changed in transit, and that you can verify that a DNS name does not exist.

Backing up network gear

Julien spoke about backing up network gear. He said you should have a file repository of the OS running on each device. You should have a copy of the current and the new firmwares in your devices. It might also be a great idea to have some of your archive on a usb stick, and to have printed instructions on how to do a recovery.

opengear wants to monitor anything

Ken Wilson from Opengear spoke about central monitoring. He talked about why you want to monitor stuff. To measure a bunch of physical things he suggests you use a small embedded linux appliance, and hook it up to nagios. He had a picture of an opengear applicance, but didn't mention what model it was.

Peters issues with IPv6

Peter Chubb spoke at the first talk after lunch in the sysadmin miniconf. He's from some sort of research group within NICTA. They decided in their implementation to add a third computer to act as a ipv6 router.

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