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Squeeze Early February

Linux input from bottom to top

Daniel Stone (currently working with Collabora) is talking about the linux input stack. I don't expect I'm going to understand most of the talk. He was going to talk about multi-touch, but Peter is doing a talk on Wednesday about that.

Norins ideas on Saving the world

Noirin Shirley talked about some of the open source projects she has been involved in. After the 2004 Tsunami they turned to OSS for some software to help with Sahana, a disaster management system. She pointed out that within a week thousands of hours of FLOSS programming time put together the first release of Sahana, possibly not a feat that a commercial company could have achieved.

lca2011 - silver lining

Pia Waugh is talking about the silve lining of cloud computing. This is a bit of an anti-cloud rant. It's based on her blog post. She was in a group of cloud vendors chatting, and someone made the claim that 'no privacy data will be stored in the cloud'.

lca2011 - deltacloud

David Jorm and Stephen Gordon spoke about deltacloud, a project Redhat is running to provide an abstraction of managing cloud instances, which comes with adapters to different cloud providers (such as amazon, redhats cloud services).

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