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considering watches

I've been considering getting a smart watch. It's been at least 15 years since I regularly wore a watch, but I'm thinking that the time might be nigh, if I can find a watch that's right for me.  My main incentive is the hearbeat monitoring functionality that is now available, and in particular starting to monitor my heartbeat while I'm cycling, so I can find out if I'm riding at a level that improves my fitness, or if I'm riding at a level that is just comfortable. But I also like the idea of some sort of notifications from my phone.

New blog

Welcome to my new blog. It's been a long time since my last blog post. Back when I upgraded my personal server from the Debian Wheezy release to the Debian Jessie release my previous blogging software, moveabletype, was removed. But as this was my personal server, I didn't put in all my due diligence, and hadn't made any plans to deal with this before hand (to be truthful, I hadn't even noticed that movabletype was removed).

terminal whispering and pudb

I just watched a talk on doing cool things with terminals in python. That talk mentioned pudb, an interactive debugger for python. That looks even more useful than just pdb (which is already very useful). I'm looking forward to trying it. Maybe soon I'll change my habits and replace "import pdb; pdb.set_trace()" with "import pudb; pudb.set_trace()".

KeePass2 selections

I use KeepassX to store passwords for personal passwords, and for work. On recent OS X installs KeePassX dropped support for the version 1 file format. But on my linux desktops there is no new KeePassX that supports the version 2 file format.

html slides presentation software

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